5 Rooms inspired by great golfers at Scratch House

Vista lateral de la casona y el parque del Scratch House

The main house of our hotel has 5 rooms named in honor of great golfers: such as Tom Weiskopf, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Daniel Palmer and Tiger Woods. Come visit our rooms and get to know the story of the golfers that inspired them.

Tiger Room

His first name is Eldrick, but the world knows him as Tiger. He has won 14 Majors: four Augusta Masters, three US Opens, three British Opens and four PGA Championships. Every detail of the Tiger Room, with its own living room and shared balcony, makes it the perfect room to enjoy the view of the hotel park.

Tom Room

The quality of his hit and swing inspired the design of the most prestigious global golf courses. Tom Weiskopf built El Terrón Golf Club in Mendiolaza, the best playing field and one of the most appealing of the region. One of the rooms of the main house at Scratch House was designed in his honor. 

Jack Room

Called the “Golden Bear”, he is the best golfer of all times for many people. Jack Nicklaus, with a 23-year sport career, won 73 championships. The peak of his career was winning 18 majors, which no one could beat or match. The Jack Room has a balcony with a view of the park, which makes the room incomparably bright.

Arnold Room

Arnold Palmer is the most popular golf star of his time, for his charisma and TV exposure. He was called “The King” because of his cool style. He won the Augusta Masters four times, the US Open, and two PGA Championships. A golf tournament, an airport and a drink are called after him. At Scratch House, he inspired the Arnold Room, which has good lighting and a view of the park, and it is one of the best options to enjoy the Sierras Chicas.

Gary Room

Another golfer of our list is Gary Player. Known as the “Black Knight”, he is also a renowned golf course architect, with more than 300 designs around the world, and has been one of the main promoters of this sport. Among his outstanding achievements, he won the Grand Slam at the age of 29. The Gary Room has the perfect balcony to enjoy a breathtaking view of the hotel park.

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