Benefits of Vacationing in Natural Settings

Traveling is one of the best therapies to improve our mood and disconnect from our routine. Even though many people would rather visit big cities, others prefer to enjoy nature and fresh air. What benefits to our health can we get from vacationing in natural settings?
Several studies have shown that nature exerts highly positive effects on both our physical and psychological health. These are some of the most important ones:

Surrounded by Nature

One of the main reasons to plan your vacation – or any gateway – in natural settings is that you will be really close to the environment and its breathtaking landscapes. In nature-surrounded accommodation, you can make the most of all the amenities a place like this can offer and discover its habitat by going on hikes or biking trips as well.

Reducing Stress

When traveling to the countryside, we disconnect from our routine and reduce stress caused by bustling cities, work and electronic devices. A natural setting helps us restore our physical and psychological balance. Different studies have linked lower cortisol levels – a hormone released in response to stress – to nature contact. A 50-minute outdoor walk is enough to improve your self-esteem and increase your sleep quality, which is paramount to our health.

Outdoor Exercise

Environment provides our nervous system with great stimuli which drive us to distraction and reduce negative emotions. The first five minutes of open-air exercise seem to make tremendous impacts on our mood and self-esteem. Whether you ride a bike, go for a walk, or practice yoga, you will enjoy short-term benefits with regard to physical and psychological health.

Goodbye to Clustered Locations

In addition, this type of vacation is an excellent option to break your routine and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It brings a breath of fresh air and frees you from your alarm clock and email.

Scratch House – A Hotel Where You Can Appreciate Natural Settings

The facilities and convenient location of our hotel allow you to make the most of your vacations in natural settings. A massive park, a big grove and the serene sierras are the perfect combination to strike mood balance.

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