El Terrón Restaurant: A Unique Culinary Offer

Aperitivos El Terrón

El restaurante El Terrón,  located 5 minutes from Scratch House, has a top-level culinary offer. As it is one of the must-taste places on our recommendation list, you will learn about its well-known chef, the options on the menu, and the ways you can enjoy this experience.

About the Restaurant

This medieval Scottish style restaurant featuring galleries, terraces, and hill view is nestled in El Terrón—a country house in Mendiolaza. With the help of Roal Zuzulich, the chef in charge, you can undergo the experience of enjoying the local cuisine in a breath-taking natural setting.

An Experienced Chef

Roal Zuzulich has long nationwide and worldwide experience. Throughout his career and in every journey, he explored ground-breaking techniques, ingredients, and local products which are currently useful for his recipes. Simplicity is the heart of his dishes. His originality lies in the way flavors, cooking techniques and textures are combined.

 Local and Seasonal Cuisine

In the restaurant of the El Terrón country house, preparing meals are made with local products  The key is adding value to the supply of local foods to get better results. 

The menu includes unique dishes and desserts as well as a wide array of wine, and it is in line with different seasons. That is why considerable emphasis is laid on the seasonal foods, such as figs and tomatoes in summer, and pumpkins and apples in fall. 

In Scratch House, there are customized experiences to enjoy the culinary offer in El Terrón restaurant. During your stay, you will make reservations from the hotel and will combine them with other activities like playing golf. For more information, please contact us at 351 15-674-2297 or send us an email at info@scratch-house.com.

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