Food Tour in Córdoba: 7 Spots Worth Visiting

Vista exterior y hacia las sierras de el restaurante Estancia El terrón. Mesas con plato de comida y cócteles. Una de las recomendaciones de la ruta gastronómica en Córdoba.

In Córdoba, there is an endless array of offers and spots to enjoy traditional dishes, such as the restaurants in Villa Allende which provide several alternatives. Because of this, a food tour near Scratch House is presented below for you to embark on during your stay.

Food Tour: Villa Allende, Mendiolaza, Villa Giardino, and La Cumbre

Los Aroza

2 minutes away from Scratch House.

With address at Santiago Derqui 44, Los Aroza is one of the most preferred restaurants by tourists and locals in Villa Allende. It is part of a family-oriented gastronomic center and has a wide-ranging offer from a craft beer happy hour; an extensive menu including tomahawk, sirloin, skirtsteaks, pizza; to DJs playing music.

Croque Madame

4 minutes away from Scratch House.

Croque Madame is a chain of coffee shops, restaurants, and event venues which started out in 2005 in Buenos Aires. Its premises set in museums, art galleries, cultural and historical sites of the city bear its hallmark. Such a restaurant in Villa Allende is located in a castle and has offers for all occasions.

El Terrón Restaurant

5 minutes away from Scratch House.

As part of the country house known as El Terrón in Mendiolaza, this restaurant has top-level cuisine at the hands of Roal Zuzulich, one of the most renowned chefs in Córdoba and in the whole world. As a hallmark, its regional food made up of easy dishes but perfectly blending different flavors, cooking techniques, and texture stands out.

La Cocinita de Barro y Fuego

4 minutes away from Scratch House.

This restaurant in Mendiolaza offers baked and grilled cuisine in a natural setting away from any disturbance. Its gastronomy includes simple but strong-flavored regional dishes such as Argentinean barbecue or a bewildering variety of sea and river fish.

El Triángulo Parador

25 minutes away from Scratch House.

El Triángulo Parador is a roadhouse situated in Sierras Chicas on Camino del Cuadrado (Cuadrado Road) which combines cuisine and glorious scenery. There are four gastronomic sectors— a stove, a gourmet fast food truck, pizzas in a wood fired clay oven, and light and fresh options. In addition, this cuisine in the mountains, a menu including classic drinks and reinvented traditional cocktails which invite you to discover the unique flavors and aromas of the Córdoba Hills.

Nébula Winery

1 hour and 20 minutes.

Away from Scratch House This family-run winery surrounded by mountains and breathtaking scenery in Villa Giardino offers a gastronomic offer along with live music. There is a whole room to taste a range of Córdoba wines as well as the cuisine of another classic of our town Kasbah.


1 hour and 25 minutes away from Scratch House.

The flying club in La Cumbre is an open-space organization which features the Aeroposta restaurant. Its attraction lies in its green spaces and storage areas. Besides, it offers exquisite cuisine and music in a warm atmosphere with antiques and restored items.

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