Golf in Córdoba: the tournament schedule to enjoy sport

Golfistas en Estancia El Terrón jugando golf en Córdoba.

Golf in Córdoba city is in high season again and the most important courses in the province are preparing to be the scene of various competitions. We tell you what the tournament schedule will be like in the coming months so that you can enjoy the best of sport and nature.

Next Golf Tournaments in Córdoba


  • 06 and 07/08 : 1st National Tournament for Under-15s – El Terrón Golf Club.
  • 14/08: 6th Provincial Ranking Tournament for Minors and Youth – Estancia La Paz Golf.
  • 19/08: 6th Women´s Federation Day – Alta Gracia Golf Club.
  • 21/08 : 2nd Regional Circuit Center Zone Day – Lomas de la Carolina.


  • 03 and 04/09: 7th Provincial Ranking Tournament for Minors and Youth – Ascochinga Golf Club.
  • 10 and 11/09: 23rd Provincial Interclub Championship – Río Cuarto Golf Club and San Esteban Country Club.
  • 18/09 : 2nd Regional Circuit South Zone Day – A.TI.PE.CA.S Golf Río Cuarto.
  • 23/09: 7th Women´s Federation Day – Río Cuarto Golf Club.
  • 25/09: 4th Junior Federation Day – Alta Gracia Golf Club.
  • 28 and 29/09: 42nd Bags Open – Villa Maria Golf Club.


  • 07/10: 8th Women’s Federation Day – Estancia La Paz Golf.
  • 08 to 10/10 : Provincial Championship – Córdoba Golf Club.
  • 16/10 : 2nd Regional Circuit West Zone Day – La Melinca Golf Club.
  • 24/10: 6th Provincial Tournament of Golf Courses Employees – Córdoba Golf Club.


  • 04, 05, and 06/11: 2nd Provincial Interclub Championship for Seniors – Ascochinga Golf Club.
  • 11/11: 9th Women’s Federation Day – El Potrerillo de Larreta.
  • 13/11: 5th Junior Federation Day – San Miguel Golf.
  • 26 and 27/11 : 13th Provincial Mid-Amateur Championship and Provincial Ranking Final Tournament – El Terrón Golf Club.


  • 16/12: 10th Women´s Federation Day – Córdoba Golf Club.

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