Scratch House: a place offering a vast array of experiences

Vista de dos personas llevando valijas con ruedas e ingresando al hotel para disfrutar de distintas experiencias.

Our hotel makes it possible to merge gastronomy, culture, nature, and leisure. Thanks to its prime location, Scratch House stands as a golden opportunity to undergo multiple experiences and enjoy the most diverse tourist activities. Learn more about everything you can do:

Dining, Social and Cultural Experiences

Villa Allende and Mendiolaza

5 minutes away from Scratch House.

In Villa Allende city, you can walk around the Villa Allende Shopping (VAS) and try delicious dishes from different restaurants such as Los Aroza.

Located in the neighboring city of Mendiolaza, you can also find one of the exclusive restaurants in Estancia El Terrón. Here, you will have a top-notch regional dining experience thanks to the chef Roal Zuzulich, whose fascinating dishes perfectly combine a choice of flavors, cooking techniques, and textures.

Downtown Córdoba, Güemes and around

30/40 minutes away from Scratch House.

In the capital city, you will find Güemes and its Arts market (Paseo Güemes). Here, there are different attractions like the handicrafts market or the shopping arcades Barrio and Muy Güemes. On top of that, you can also enjoy great live music and top-quality bars and restaurants such as Standard 69 or the renowned Papagayo, which is just a few minutes from this neighborhood.

Another appealing activity is sightseeing historic places in the city such as the Cathedral, Museo de la Memoria, or the Colonial Government House known as Cabildo. This also includes the most renowned neighborhoods such as Nueva Córdoba, where there are iconic locations like the Ferreyra Palace, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the cultural center Paseo del Buen Pastor.

Jesús María: The National Jesuit Museum

50 minutes away from Scratch House on Route 9.

Jesús María is a northward city in the province of Córdoba. Here, you can visit the National Jesuit Museum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site exhibiting sacred art, archaeological objects, and the first settlers’ daily-life objects. Besides, there are dance performances, talks, and free-of-charge events.

Ascochinga: Estancia Santa Catalina

1 hour away from Scratch House on Route 9.

This place is especially renowned for its imposing church, which is part of a complex of buildings including cloisters, galleries, courtyards, garages, a dam, vegetable gardens, and ranches. Like the museum in Jesús María, Estancia Santa Catalina it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since it stands as one of the most valuable works of colonial architecture in Argentina.

Exploring the Hills

Pan de Azúcar Hill: views from the top

1 hour away from Scratch House

Located in the mountain range known as Sierras Chicas, this hill offers an attractive path combining tree tunnels, bridges, and structures. You can take an unforgettable walk into its heights in just one morning or afternoon. Besides, you can reach the top by trekking or using chairlifts. From its 1,260 meters above sea level, you will get a 360-degree view of the Punilla Valley, Córdoba, Villa Allende, and Unquillo.

In addition, you can have lunch at any of the foothill restaurants and visit both a museum in honor of tango and the monument to Carlos Gardel.

Camino del Cuadrado: postcards from the hills

40 minutes away from Scratch House.

Camino del Cuadrado offers spectacular panoramic views and changing landscapes which are worth remembering. In fact, it is where Sierras Chicas and the Punilla Valley become one, leading tourists to incredible places such as Villa Los Altos – an ideal spot to stare at the wall of a dam known as La Quebrada.

La Cumbre: nature and heights

1 hour and a half away from Scratch House.

La Cumbre is one of the oldest and most traditional regions in the Punilla Valley – not to mention you can visit it and come back in a day. Its mountain landscapes invite you to enjoy nature and outstanding cultural and historical tourism activities. For example, you can see the Christ the Redeemer statue, adventure into lavender fields, go paragliding, and visit historical museums. Having some dining experiences in places with magnificent views of the valley like Aeroposta is also a must.

Find out more about all the sights, activities and experiences you can enjoy during your stay at Scratch House:

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