Scratch House standalone houses named after golf clubs

Vista de la entrada de la casa privada Pine Valley

At Scratch House, we name our standalone houses after renowned golf clubs. People can enjoy Pine Valley, Merion and Loch Lomond in a wonderful natural environment. Let’s find out more about the clubs’ stories and characteristics.

Pine Valley Golf Club

The club was founded in 1913 in Pine Valley, Camden, southern New Jersey, USA, by a group of golfers’ fans of Philadelphia, and designed by George Arthur Crump, who found the ideal routing and added classic design features. It is considered one of the most exclusive golf clubs, as people need an invitation to play there.

In several opportunities, the Golf Magazine awarded the club the best golf course prize in the US and the world in 2012, 2015, 2019 and 2020. There are various reasons why the club is successful; according to professionals, it has excellent par-3, par-4 and par-5 courses, opening holes and three ideal finishing holes, facilitating the best golfing experiences.

Merion Golf Club

The Merion Golf Club, located in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA, is another very well-known golf club. It was founded in 1896 and has held the most USGA championships. The Bobby Jones’ 1930 Grand Slam at the US Amateur, and Ben Hogan’s 1950 US Open victory are just some of the great historical moments that have taken place in these courses. Moreover, the East Course was ranked among the 10 best, 5th in 2015, in the “US 100 Best Golf Courses.”

Designed by Hugh Irvine Wilson, the club has 18 holes, and a fun fact is there is a wicker basket on top of each hole pole. Even though it is a relatively short course for modern standards (6,260 meters), it is known for its four water obstacles, 131 bunkers, its smart design, the street turns, its multifaceted hills, and the greens undulations.

Loch Lomond Golf Club

Located by the Loch Lomond, this 7,100-yard (6,492-meter) Scottish course is a work of art by the golfer and designer Tom Weiskopf. It is located in Luss, Argyll & Bute, Scotland, and it has 18 holes. It is surrounded by a unique natural environment, with a lake named after its designer.

It is considered one of the world’s 100 best golf courses. As in the other golf clubs, only members or guests of official members can come to the club. Furthermore, it hosted the Scottish Open of the European Tour during 10 seasons (from 2001 to 2010), as well as European Tour events on the previous five seasons.

At our boutique hotel, the standalone houses are located within a three-hectare park in Villa Allende. Each house has a modern and sophisticated design, and they are the perfect choice to have a wonderful time and relax at a stunning natural setting. Comfortable spaces, such as lounges, gardens or galleries with a view of the Sierras Chicas, make the experience authentic and memorable.

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