The Story Behind Arnold Palmer: The Golf Star Whose Name Inspired One of Our Rooms 

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Arnold Palmer was an American golfer who passed away on September 25, 2016, at the age of 87. In this sport, his legacy goes beyond his secured victories on any golf course. His tremendous impact was such that his name is currently the source of inspiration for many things.

As an example, the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament is annually held in Orlando every March. There is also an airport in Pennsylvania that was named after him, as well as a beverage that combines iced tea and lemonade known as the Arnold Palmer. Similarly, one of our five rooms in the principal house of Scratch House—the Arnold Room—is inspired by him. 

According to the American Golf Association, Arnold serves as the “mayor golf ambassador”, pioneering its actualizing and being the first one who made it global. Thanks to his achievements and conquers all along the golf 18 holes, he became part of the well-known Big Three group, along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. The role played by this trinity was key to making golf popular all around the world. 

Palmer won seven Mayor’s Golf Tournaments, the most important male contests in the world. He also stood out after winning 62 PGA Tour titles, the main American golf tour, and recording 95 victories in his professional career. Although he was not the golf player who clinched the most titles, his incredible game style earned him the nickname The King

Palmer showed the world that it does not take to ensure more victories than your rivals to go down in history as one of the best players ever. On court, his game style included brutality, harshness, determination, and fierceness. However, his charisma, naturalness, cheerfulness and inspiring attitude off court helped him go beyond his titles. His inheritance even led to the start of a fan club known as the Arnie’s Army. 

The Arnold Room in Scratch House 

The Arnold Room is one of the best options to enjoy Sierras Chicas. Thanks to its lighting and view of the park, this space is a special invitation to relax and come into contact with nature. It is undoubtedly a cozy option for you to embrace enjoyment. 

In the Arnold Room, you will find an 18-m2 space including two twin size beds, an en suite bathroom, and a smart TV. It is one of the five rooms located in the main large house of Scratch House, a space combining architecture and design with personalized attention, diverse experiences, and quality services.

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