Ways of Enjoying Fall in the Sierras Chicas

Casona de Scatch House en otoño en las Sierras Chicas

It is always a good time to come into contact with nature and escape from your daily routine. Each season has some charm of its own. Below, you will find a hint guide to enjoy fall in the Sierras Chicas, ranging from relaxation offers at Scratch House to culinary and cultural alternatives in its surroundings.

Relaxing Experiences

Located in a prime location surrounded by wilderness, Scratch House is perfect for relaxation practices such as yoga lessons or body massage. When making a reservation, these activities can even be included in your journey. The large park, the grove and the tranquil haven of peace in the hills make up the ideal setting for this type of hotel experience.

Teatime in Special Places

In the hotel restaurant, you can spend a lovely sunny afternoon plus teatime along with varied choices.

At the same time, Scratch House is a few minutes from other remarkable tea houses:

Croque Madame

It is a chain of restaurants located in unique places such as art galleries, museums, or landmark buildings. In Villa Allende, Croque Madame is a 4-minute drive away from Scratch House, and it belongs to a remarkable castle built by Augusto Ferrari, who was also in charge of major projects such as Los Capuchinos Church.

Campo de Flores

As its name suggests, this place surrounded by flowers is where you can enjoy teatime including sweet and savory food, as well as loose-leaf tea tasting. It is located in Río Ceballos—22 minutes from our hotel—and you can visit it by making a reservation in advance. On Instagram, you will find it as @campodeflores_cba.

El Terrón and Estancia La Paz

El Terrón is a 5-minute drive away from Scratch House featuring a top-quality culinary offer. It is located in the Estancia El Terrón clubhouse, where you can enjoy teatime and stare at its impressive scenery.

Estancia La Paz, on the other hand, stands as a stylish pastry offer. As this place is a 1-hour drive away, it is perfect for those who enjoy road trips at any moment.

Estancia Candonga

It is a colonial country estate built in the early 18th century. This place combines nature with history and invites you to unwind through diverse experiences and activities. 

There is a chapel which was declared a world heritage site, a suspension bridge, an agroecological vegetable garden, a drying room for aromatics, and a farm —this whole thing with a stunning native grove enclosing the country estate. In order to spend full days in the countryside, hiking and horseback riding are also scheduled. In the restaurant, you can also try out fresh dishes prepared with the garden vegetables. 

Estancia Candonga is only 1-hour drive away from Scratch House. Although admission is free, it is recommended to make breakfast, lunch or dinner reservations.

This fall season feels different at Scratch House. Make a reservation and enjoy both our hotel offers and the nearby locations.

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