An Architectural Treasure in the Córdoba sierras: Tudor Architecture

Vista arquitectura Tudor Entrada Scratch House Casona

Founded in 1920 and recently restored, our main mansion stands out for its warm and elegant style.

All houses tell a story. Each one keeps hundreds of experiences and stories within its walls. Ours has 100 years of history and stories that became the very essence of Scratch House.

Tudor Architecture

This sophisticated style was born in the 16th century in England as the transition between Gothic architecture and the Renaissance during the reign of the Tudor dynasty. At this time, owning a house with these characteristics was synonymous of prestige and a good economic life.

Magnificent gabled roofs with marked slopes, pointed arches, wooden frameworks, carved openings, decorated glass panels, large entrance halls, and warm fireplaces are some of its distinctive elements.

Nearly 400 years later, European-trained architects influenced by the Old World styles built in the Tudor – or “Neo Tudor” – style on America’s farms. This is the moment where the history of our house starts which, with the passing of time, became an architectural treasure immersed in a privileged mountain landscape.

Today, 100 years after its foundation, Scratch House combines tradition, comfort, and nature in an experience like no other. The doors of our lodge opened to invite you to discover every detail. And most importantly, to enjoy an incredible stay in a memorable place.

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