Peak Season for Golf in Córdoba: The Next Tournaments Ahead

Vista aérea campo de golf el terrón golf club

Córdoba is nationally recognized as one of the destinations with the most options to practice or play golf. Ascochinga, Mendiolaza, Alta Gracia, La Cumbre, Villa Allende, and Río Cuarto are just some of the most important venues for this sport.

Mujer jugando golf en El Terrón Golf Club

What Will the Tournament Schedule Be Like?

According to the calendar of the Golf Federation of Córdoba, the forthcoming competition will take place on the weekend of September 4 and 5, in which the 7th Provincial Ranking Tournament for Minors and Juniors will be held.Next, the Provincial Interclub Championship will take place. This tournament will be held in the golf courses of Las Delicias and Lomas de la Carolina on September 18 and 19. Finally, at the end of the month, on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, the 41st Bags Tournament will take place.

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Scratch House: A Boutique Hotel to Complement the Golf Experience

Our boutique hotel is located in the city of Villa Allende. Its proximity to the most important golf courses in the province allows enjoying experiences that combine playing days with various proposals and activities. 

Vista de la entrada de la casona Scratch House

A few steps away from the hotel are the impressive courses of Córdoba Golf Club and El Terrón Golf Club. If we drive about 40 minutes, we will find El Valle del Golf. Besides, it is possible to enjoy the courses of Ascochinga Country Club (50 minutes away), Pueblo Estancia La Paz (55 minutes away) and Potrerillo de Larreta (1 hour away).

At Scratch House, we offer the possibility of creating personalized experiences, green fees on different courts with rental of carts and transfers. For more information, please contact us at 0351 15-674-2297 or send us a message at

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