Scratch House: A Delight for the Senses

Vista living interior Casona Scratch House

Staying at Scratch House begins long before you walk through its door. A magnificent park welcomes our guests, which, with its old trees, creates a unique atmosphere.

From the garden, you can already appreciate the distinctive architecture of the mansion: an amazing in-perfect-state 100-year-old Tudor Revival style of architecture located in the middle of the Córdoba hills.

As we approach, we can glimpse the balconies, the decorated windows, the arches of the gallery and an imposing wooden door, which arouses our curiosity to know all the details.

Once inside, the atmosphere feels like a warm shelter of quietness. Every detail makes its contribution: the hardwood floors, the artwork, the library, the clock, the rugs, the fireplace. It is difficult not to feel like you are the protagonist of a story in the style of Jane Austen or the Brothers Grimm but with all the contemporary comforts.The wooden staircase takes us to the upper level, where the rooms are located. Everything is in perfect balance to enjoy a good rest with beautiful views of the landscape.
The pure air of the Cordoba mountains, the particular architecture, the corners with magical details, the sounds inviting you to relax, and the flavors and aromas of the season that our restaurant offers, make your stay at Scratch House a true delight for the senses.

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