3 Travel Trends That Will Rule 2022

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After almost two boring years of pandemic, people are beginning to travel and enjoy themselves again. At the same time, hotels all over the world are increasingly improving their services to offer really valuable experiences. In this article, you will find out about 3 travel trends that will rule 2022

1 | Wellness Tourism

This type of tourism is becoming more popular and relevant, and it consists of making trips that help improve physical and mental health. Choosing tourist experiences that allow disconnecting from everyday life in order to connect with nature and forget about daily worries contributes to better rest and relaxation. For this reason, people are choosing more frequently places that address well-being in a comprehensive way.

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2 | Unique Brand Experience

Many hotels around the world are trying to make their brand stand out by focusing on the way their spaces are designed or equipped, as well as on the type of experience offered to their guests. People are looking for not only more and more places with interesting and innovative proposals but also uncommon or non-traditional ones.

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3 | Sustainable Trips

Many hotels around the world are adopting sustainable practices such as green building, energy saving and waste management. People will generally start choosing more sustainable or environmentally friendly trips.

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Scratch House – Your Authentic Wellness Experience

Our boutique hotel, located in the city of Villa Allende, is an ideal place to have some comprehensive wellness experience. Scratch House is immersed in a privileged natural environment, where it is possible to do yoga or reiki and meditate – ideal practices for disconnecting from routine, reducing stress and achieving a higher level of relaxation.  

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