Active tourism: pause your mind, move your body

Dos personas andando en bicicleta en el hotel Scratch House. Concepto turismo activo

Putting the body in motion when traveling to natural settings might help one to disconnect from the routine. This is what is known as active tourism, an alternative to traditional vacations or weekend getaways that involves the practice of different sports, leisure or recreation activities. In this article we tell you more about this trend and its benefits.

What is active tourism?

With different degrees of intensity and physical effort, active tourism is a way to connect with the environment, move the body and relax the mind. It can range from a simple walk, a bike ride or a yoga class to a mountain trek or a particular sporting event. In all cases, nature is the main character.

Some benefits and advantages

Choosing this type of tourism for a vacation has a positive impact on both physical and mental health. These are some of the most important benefits

Experiencing Nature 

Active Tourism includes activities that are practiced mainly outdoors, so its performance allows reducing anxiety, changing the air and stimulating positive moods. All this leads to fully enjoy, connect with the moment and with the environment.

Reducing Stress

The first step in reducing stress is to decide to take a vacation somewhere different from where we normally reside. If we add new activities to spend the time, we will achieve a perfect formula to disconnect from daily problems and relax the mind.


Active tourism allows the release of endorphins, commonly known as the hormones of happiness. The new activities and emotions, together with the surprise factor, provide a dose of novelty that is perfect for experiencing different moments that promote fun and happiness.

Scratch House, a hotel near active tourism options

Our hotel is located in Villa Allende, a city with proposals aligned with Active Tourism. Two of the activities that stand out the most are trekking and mountain biking on the Pan de Azúcar Mountain. In addition, this town is the National Capital of Golf, so it is possible to enjoy this sport in the best courses in the area. 

Scratch House is close to two of the most extraordinary courses: El Terrón Golf Club and  Córdoba Golf Club. Besides, the hotel is 40 minutes from El Valle del Golf which is 50 minutes from Ascochinga Country Club, 55 minutes from Pueblo Estancia La Paz and 1 hour from Potrerillo de Larreta.

In addition, Scratch House has a large park: a green space with shades and trees, ideal for practicing activities such as yoga, bike rides or quiet walks. 

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