Nature at Its Peak. The Best Places to Visit in the Córdoba Sierras

Vista de las Sierras Chicas, sierras de córdoba

The Córdoba sierras are a destination highly chosen by tourists from all over the country. With diverse proposals for all ages and preferences, these places of full nature become the ideal setting for a family vacation or for a weekend getaway with friends or a partner.Rivers and streams, trees providing cool shade, regional dishes and handcrafted products are just some of the attractions offered by these spaces. In this article, you will find a guide with five special places to visit in the Córdoba sierras.

El Durazno

This incredible place full of impressive landscapes is located in the Calamuchita Valley – about 135 kilometers away from the city of Córdoba. There, it is possible to enjoy absolute tranquility and fully connect with nature. Its self-titled river – with crystal clear waters and calm beaches – and the dirt trails in the mountains make visitors completely fall in love with this place.

Vista panorámica de El Durazno

Los Gigantes

Located in the Punilla Valley, this place has the perfect topography for people who love trekking and visiting the mountains. It is one of the most important climbing points in the country due to its over 300-million-year-old rock formations.

Los Gigantes, Valle de Punilla, Sierras de Córdoba

El Diquecito

A cinco cuadras del ceFive blocks away from the center of the Tanti city and a few minutes away from Villa Carlos Paz, this swimming resort is a point chosen by many families every summer. The river that flows among the stones and a natural pool are great attractions of the place. Besides, you can enjoy nice walks and know really beautiful places, such as Pozo del Indio or Cueva de los Helechos.

El Diquecito, sierras de Córdoba

San Clemente

This town is located in the Paravachasca Valley. There, you can go for a walk, bike rides or go horse riding through the different trails crowded with native vegetation. It is also possible to visit the Nuestra Señora de la Merced chapel, an architectural symbol built in stone dating back to 1947. The Quebrada del Condorito National Park is another of the attractions of this place, as well as the Las Granadillas and Las Tazanas streams or the Suela, San José, and San Pedro rivers.

San Clemente, Valle de Paravachasca, sierras de Córdoba

Capilla del Monte

Located in the Punilla Valley, this town is famous for having one of the highest mountains in the province: the Mount Uritorco, which is considered Córdoba’s sixth natural wonder. Those who reach its top – 1919 meters above sea level – can enjoy spectacular panoramic views. The city also offers swimming resorts, rivers and dams, mountain tours with different levels of difficulty, and a center with a varied gastronomic offering.

Cerro Uritorco, Capilla del Monte, Valle de Punilla

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