Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation: Techniques to Balance Body and Mind

Yoga en el parque de Scratch House.

Reiki, yoga, and meditation are three therapies that are gaining more and more prominence. Dating back hundreds of years, these practices are widely used to relax, combat stress, and connect with oneself. We invite you to know what they are about and what are some of their benefits.

A Better Lifestyle

The practices of yoga, reiki, and meditation are part of what is known as holistic health. These therapies aim to make all the parts of a person be connected in a single sense and in a comprehensive way. For this reason, they work on two fundamental aspects: the physical-emotional one and the emotional-spiritual one.Practices such as yoga, reiki, and meditation can become a philosophy of life for many people. In addition, they can be practiced at any time and regardless of age. You just need to have the desire to achieve a better relationship with yourself.

People who go for this lifestyle learn to recognize their point of happiness and have the ability to feel and connect with nature and the universe.”

Inés Meneghini, yoga instructor at Scratch House

In general, doing these therapies consistently can help:

  • Improve comprehensive health.
  • Respect and admire your own body.
  • Reduce the consumption of painkillers.
  • Improve the ability of tolerance and understanding.
  • Increase emotional intelligence.
Persona meditando en Scratch House


Much more than a simple exercise routine, yoga is a discipline. This practice can help improve posture, strength, mobility, and flexibility. But it also helps reduce stress levels, sleep better and face each day with a more positive attitude

Personas haciendo Yoga en Scratch House


Reiki is a therapy that reduces physical and emotional pain by releasing blocked ki energy (an energy which is manifested psychologically and spiritually as well as physically). This therapy can improve metabolic functions and bring mental clarity. It is also used in an auxiliary way for the treatment of migraines, menstrual pain or constipation..

Persona realizando Reiki en Scratch House


Performing this practice daily, even for a few minutes, can be very helpful in combating anxiety. It is simply necessary to take time and find a calm place to do it. Meditation, combined with other practices such as yoga, can help lower blood pressure, build confidence, and improve coordination and concentration..

Personas meditando en el parque de Scratch House

Reiki, Yoga and Meditation Experiences at Scratch House

At Scratch House, it is possible to enjoy individual or group yoga sessions, guided meditation classes, and reiki. A set of activities designed to disconnect from everything and enjoy a real moment of relaxation.Located in a privileged natural environment, the hotel is the perfect place to perform all these practices. Its large park, the grove, and the quietness of the sierras make up the ideal setting to achieve balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Vista de la entrada Casona Scratch House en Villa Allende, Córdoba

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