Reopening Our Doors: Time to Enjoy Again!

Vista de la entrada Casona Scratch House en Villa Allende, Córdoba

2020 was a challenging year, especially for those of us who are part of the tourism and hospitality sector. But after reinventing ourselves and adapting to this new normal, we can do what we love the most again: receiving our guests so that they can enjoy different experiences.

Vista de la pileta y casona de Scratch House
Lodge garden

Provincial Reopening

On December 4, we reopened the doors of our lodge to welcome provincial tourists. We hosted our Córdoba guests with our usual warmth and quality, offering an alternative in a non-massive destination (minutes away from the City of Córdoba) with exclusive services and, of course, complying with all the safety and hygiene regulations.Besides, we adhered to the tourist presale benefit Previaje as service providers.

Vista del interior de la habitación Jack de la casona Scrath House
The “Jack” room of the mansion

January 1: National Reopening

From January 1, 2021 on, we will receive guests from all over Argentina. At Scratch House, everything is ready so that those who visit us can enjoy the beauty of the Córdoba sierras in a space that invites people to relax and share unforgettable moments.

Vista del interior de la habitación Loch Lomond de las cabañas Scrath House
Loch Lomond Cottage

In our lodge, it is possible to stay in an over 100-years architectural fine building surrounded by a large park that stands out by its particular design. And most importantly, we provide personalized attention by taking into account every detail to ensure a stay that exceeds the expectations of those who choose to stay with us.

Vista de el jardín Scratch House
An ideal natural environment to rest
Vista interior del salón casona Scratch House
Warm interior of the mansion

Booking and Inquiries

For more information about the rooms, cottages and services of the lodge, we invite you to visit our website.If you are interested in booking or need to make us a question, you can contact us by phone at +54 351 6742297 or complete our online contact form.

We reopened our doors to enjoy different experiences…

We are waiting for you!

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