The Golf Tournament Schedule in Córdoba for the First Half of 2023

Vista de El Terrón Golf Club donde se disputarán torneos de golf en Córdoba.

Regarding golf, Córdoba is one of the most important provinces in Argentina. Courses for this sport standout due to their challenging topography, mountain landscapes, design, or history. Every year, different competitions and meetings take place here. Below, you will find out about the tournament schedule in Córdoba during the first half of 2023.

Next Events


  • March 4–5: 14th Province-Wide Championship for Inter-Clubs Par 3. Posada del Sol Golf & Resort (Bialet Massé).
  • March 17–19: Terrón Amateur Classic. El Terrón Golf Club.
  • March 22: 1st Women´s Federation Tournament. Jockey Club in Córdoba (venue to be confirmed).
  • March 24–26: El Potrerillo de Larreta Open. El Potrerillo de Larreta (Alta Gracia).
  • March 26: 4th Junior Federation. Alta Gracia Golf Club. 


  • March 31–April 2: 38th Province-Wide Tournament for Minors and 2022 International Tournament. La Cumbre Golf Club.
  • April 4–8: 91st Center Open. Professionals from Córdoba Golf Club.
  • April 5–8: Center Open for Amateurs. Córdoba Golf Club (Villa Allende).
  • April 6–8: Center Open for Female Amateurs. Córdoba Golf Club (Villa Allende).
  • April 6–8: Open for Seniors – Río Cuarto Golf Club.
  • April 16: 1st day of the West Zone Regional Circuit. Barrancas Golf Club (Almafuerte).
  • April 19: 2nd Women’s Federation Tournament. Río Cuarto Golf Club (venue to be confirmed).
  • April 29 or April 30: 1st day of the East Zone Regional Circuit. La Merced Golf (Oncativo).
  • April 29, April 30, and May 1: Río Cuarto City Open. Río Cuarto Golf Club.


  • May 3: 3rd Women’s Federation Tournament. Lomas de la Carolina Golf Club (along the road to La Calera; venue to be confirmed).
  • May 5–6: National Inter-Federation Tournament for Seniors. La Cumbre Golf Club.
  • May 7: 2nd Junior Federation. Villa María Golf Club.
  • May 27–28: 3rd Provincial Ranking Tournament for Minors and Youth. Ascochinga Golf Club.


  • June 14: 4th Women’s Federation Day. Alta Gracia Golf Club (venue to be confirmed).
  • June 25: 1st day of the Center and North Zone Regional Circuit. Lomas de la Carolina Golf Club (along the way to La Calera; venue to be confirmed).

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