Tom Room: A Tribute to a Golfer Uniquely Bound to Córdoba

interior de la habitacion tom

As an American golfer carving out a great career, Tom Weiskopf left behind a legacy in sports which marked a whole generation. During his length of service, Tom won 16 PGA Tour tournaments, the Open Championship at Royal Troon, and other international championships such as the US Senior Open in 1995.

Tom Weiskopf

Following retirement, Weiskopf worked as a golf analyst on TV and even founded his company, Tom Weiskopf Designs, taking part in the design of more than 40 important golf courses such as El Terrón Golf Club. Tom was distinguished by the Golf World magazine as the Best Golf Architect of the Year, becoming one of the most well-respected golf designers in the world.

As Weiskopf’s contribution to sports on and off the course turned him into a golf legend, Scratch House decided to honor him by naming one of the five rooms in its hotel’s large house after him: The Tom Room.

This 18-square-meter, place, on twin-sharing, combines design with quality to offer an invaluable experience. It has a queen size bed, an en suite bathroom, a Smart TV and more amenities for a peaceful rest.

El Terrón Golf Club: A Course Designed by Tom Weiskopf

Scratch House is a boutique hotel set in a strategic location in Villa Allende, Córdoba. It is close to interesting gastronomic, cultural and tourist spots, as well as the best golf courses in Córdoba. El Terrón Golf Club is one of these prominent places thanks to its design by Tom Weiskopf in Mendiolaza.

This American golfer was known worldwide for combining a stylish swing and a rarely seen quality of stroke, applying his knowledge to architecture.El Terrón Golf Club is the first golf course ever designed by Weiskopf in South America. This 18-hole course was built considering the beauty of nature and the topography of the land. It is undoubtedly a jewel and a legacy Tom, which is located only 7 km from Scratch House.

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