Touristic places in Córdoba to enjoy and discover

Vista de la Iglesia de los Capuchinos y parte del parque del Paseo del Buen Pastor, uno de los lugares de Córdoba para conocer.

In Córdoba, there are several options worth taking and enjoying. This ranges from typical and historical locations, dating back 400 years, to trendy and brand-new ones. This article will guide you through those places which are a must when it comes to exploring Córdoba.

San Martín Square

Located in the very heart of Córdoba’s urban historical shell, San Martín Square stands as a landmark dating back over 400 years. It covers an entire city block, and it is named after one of the greatest heroes in Argentina and the Americas. This square is surrounded by magnificent buildings reminiscent of the Spanish colony, like the Jesuit Cathedral, the colonial government house known as Cabildo, the Santa Catalina’s passage, the Santa Teresa Church and Monastery, and the Museum and Site of Memory.

Jesuit Crypt

There is a real gem in the very heart of Córdoba’s capital city—the ruins of what was once the novitiate of the Jesuits. Dating back over three centuries, it is currently a museum on-site housing colonial-era objects and furniture. Its entrance is near the intersection between Rivera Street and Colón Avenue. 

A Narrow Building

In Córdoba’s downtown, there exist two extremely narrow buildings as part of the local heritage—the old building “La Mundial” and the renowned restaurant “El Papagayo.” The former is located in the intersection between the Olmos and Rivadavia avenues, and its triangle shape is due to two French architects. The second one used to be an old corridor for the serving staff with 2.40 m wide and 32 m long. Today, it not only has a gourmet kitchen with excellent design, but it is also one of the province’s most important restaurants.

Ferreyra Palace

Located in the Nueva Córdoba neighborhood, this imposing French-style building has 35 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, and a variety of rooms. Currently, Ferreyra Palace it is home to the Evita Fine Arts Museum. Surrounding this palace, there are gardens designed by the renowned landscape architect Carlos Thays, where visitors can have a seat and take in this scenery.

Paseo del Buen Pastor Cultural Center

Paseo del Buen Pastor is located in the very heart of the Nueva Córdoba neighborhood. It has a 6,400 m2 shopping gallery including an exhibition center, an event hall, a dancing fountain, a meeting and resting space, two restaurants, two bars, and shops. The old chapel along with its murals and cultural heritage were preserved right in the middle of this building site.

Los Capuchinos Church

Opposite the Paseo del Buen Pastor lies Córdoba’s top-rated tourist attraction—The Church of the Sacred Heart or just Los Capuchinos Church. It is reminiscent of both Gothic and Romanesque styles, especially its asymmetrical towers, gargoyles, atlas, color range and a vault depicting a starry sky. Besides, its architecture got to have distinction internationally. On the list of places to visit in Córdoba, this church is on the top.

Emilio Caraffa Museum

The Emilio Caraffa Museum is a cultural institution with 9 exhibition halls in which no activity is excluded. Accordingly, painting, sculpting, photography, design, video art, and cutting-edge technologies are the norm. On the other hand, it is also an education facility putting on workshops and other activities aimed to make attendees interact with the museum exhibits.

Güemes, a Bohemian Neighborhood 

Near downtown and Nueva Córdoba, there lies one of the most frequently visited places in the city. Güemes neighborhood actually became the gathering point for different cultures—that of immigrants, bohemianism, and avant-garde. Weekends and holidays are ideal for you to visit the handicrafts market, admire Art Deco architecture of the 1930s and walk around La Cañada and its groves. Along the way, you will also find a range of options like shopping galleries and stores, traditional and gourmet cuisine, and musical shows.

Scratch House, a place offering a vast array of experiences 

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