Trekking and Outdoor Activities in Córdoba

Córdoba offers it all—forested mountains, rivers, waterfalls, hiking trails and beautiful landscapes. During spring and summer, this province is one of the most frequently chosen travel destinations and tourists wishing for experiences with nature flock to its hills. 

This article will guide you through some places worth visiting in Sierras Chicas, one of the many offers available for those who enjoy trekking and outdoor activities.

Monument to the Christ the Redeemer in Ñu Porá, Natural Reserves, and Waterfalls

25 Minutes Away from Scratch House.

Uno de los destinos turísticos más relevantes de las Sierras Chicas, Río Ceballos cuenta con múltiples cascadas y dos reservas hídricas naturales. Una de ellas es el Monumento al Cristo Redentor Ñu Porá en la cima del cerro, a 830 metros de altura y en medio de un parque lleno de vegetación desde el cual se aprecian hermosas panorámicas de Río Ceballos y Córdoba. En cuanto a los atractivos y refugios naturales, podemos destacar a la Reserva Natural Dique La Quebrada y la Reserva Hídrica “Los Manantiales”. En esta última se puede hacer senderismo, safaris fotográficos y avistamiento de aves. Además, se encuentra uno de los saltos de agua más famosos, la Cascada de Los Hornillos, a la que se puede llegar mediante un trekking de dificultad media que atraviesa hermosos escenarios naturales. 

Salto La Estancita

A 25 minutos de Scratch House.

There are multiple waterfalls and two natural water reserves in one of the most attractive travel destinations in Sierras Chicas, which is located in Río Ceballos. One of them is the Monument to Christ the Redeemer at the top of the Ñu Porá hill. This 830-meter-high attraction is right in the middle of a park full of vegetation from which you can take in panoramic views across Río Ceballos and Córdoba. Regarding the attractions and natural shelters, both La Quebrada Natural Reserve and Los Manantiales Water Reserve stand out. In the latter, you can go trekking, embark on a photo safari and go bird watching. There is also one the most famous waterfalls, Los Hornillos, which you can reach after taking an average difficulty trail with beautiful natural landscapes. 

It is another ideal getaway whose offers like trekking, biking, and horseback riding cannot be missed. In such a place, the main attraction revolves around a river which branches off several trails. One of them leads to Salto La Estancita, a stunning waterfall that forms a shallow water body. Thanks to its 13-meter height and its flow, it is considered one of the most remarkable waterfalls in Sierras Chicas. In order to reach this place, you must take an 8-mile walk—an ideal offer for trekking lovers.

La Granja

40 Minutes Away from Scratch House on Route 9.

La Granja is a small mountain place in Sierras Chicas, Córdoba, where you can take lovely walks, go horseback riding and bike through the trails surrounding it.

Parque del Oeste Natural Reserve

50 Minutes Away from Scratch House.

Parque del Oeste Natural Reserve It is a marked trail of almost one mile which passes through several places ranging from a dry and thorny ecoregion to wetlands in only 60 hectares. There are over 100 species of birds, and the Guanusacate river runs alongside such a trail. Besides, it leads to a viewpoint where you can take in the natural scenery.

Mirador de la Cruz, Las Tres Cascadas and Pungo Trail

50 Minutes Away from Scratch House.

In this natural paradise, you will find a vast array of outdoor activities, such as climbing the Mirador de la Cruz Hill or going to a swimming place known as Las Tres Cascadas where water falls down slide shaped stones. It is perfect for those who enjoy trekking since it is a 2-hour and a half walk full of vegetation. For the discerning, the Pungo Trail is a great offer. It goes along 19 miles full of beautiful mountain landscapes, linking Ascochinga to La Cumbre.

Pan de Azúcar Hill

1 Hour Away from Scratch House (Top of the Hill).

Leaving Villa Allende and venturing into the Pan de Azúcar Hill is the ideal plan. Both biking and trekking are two of the most frequently preferred activities when exploring this place. It is surrounded by a stunning primeval forest whose spots are perfect for an unforgettable walk from the heights. Besides, you can reach the top by trekking or using chairlifts. From its 1,260-meters above sea level, you will get a 360-degree view across the Punilla Valley, Córdoba city, Villa Allende and Unquillo.×683.jpg

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