Who Was Morten Ronnow?

Vista de la entrada de la Casona Morten Ronnow

The Incredible History of Scratch House’s Architect.

The Scratch House mansion keeps fascinating anecdotes and stories within its walls. One of them is that of its Danish architect, Morten Ronnow, who also designed the mythical Otto Wulf Building in Buenos Aires.

Morten Rønnow was born in 1877, Denmark. His training as an architect, influenced by the currents of modernism and Art-Nouveau, began at a very early age. At the age of 25, he was already working as a construction manager for Ukrainian castles.

The Otto Wulff Building and its Cultural Heritage

In 1909, the architect disembarked in Río de la Plata in search of new opportunities. Years later, the Otto Wulff firm hired him to build its new headquarters in Buenos Aires, more specifically in the current neighborhood of Montserrat.

Facade of the mythical Otto Wulff building in the Monsterrat neighborhood, CABA.

The “House of the Vicereine”

In the place where the Otto Wulff building was to be erected, there was a well-known mansion at that time. That mansion was the building which had been the residence of Viceroy Del Pino and his wife at the end of the 18th century.

When Ronnow considered everything that had to be demolished so as to build the new building, he wondered if another piece of land could be found. However, nothing could be done to save it.

The truth is that Rønnow could appreciate the historical value of the work. For this reason, although its construction was not saved, he thought that the testimony of the last colonial civil construction in Buenos Aires could be saved.

Before demolishing the “House of the Vicereine”, as the neighbors called it, he carried out a survey that he later delivered to the School of Architecture. In this way, Ronnow became a pioneer in the field: he was the author of the first study of the Argentine colonial architecture. (Source: Instituto de Arte Americano – UBAToday, the Otto Wulff building is a remarkable work that is part of the Catalog of Buildings of Heritage Value. Due to its distinctive style and details, it is inevitable that it does not attract the attention of passersby. In addition, for many years, it was the tallest building in the city of Buenos Aires.

Morten Ronnow and Scratch House

Between 1918 and 1919, the family of Danish immigrants bearing the Ditlevsen last name hired the famous architect to build a summer house in Villa Allende.

There, Ronnow designed and directed the construction of the current Scratch House large house with an Unmistakable Neo Tudor style and fascinating details.The Otto Wulff Building and Scratch House are just two of the many works carried out in the country by this famous architect, along with the Danish Church in San Telmo, headquarters of the Swiss Embassy, several stays and family housing buildings.

A Lodge to Travel Back in Time

By staying at Scratch House, you will get to admire a unique architectural work, with great historical and cultural value. Each space of The large house transmits the splendor of Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century.

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