Traveling Back in Time—The Story of Scratch House

Arboleda, parque y exteriores de la casona de Scratch House.

Over 100 years ago, Scratch House was just a summer residence owned by a Danish family. Today, it stands as an exclusive and stylish boutique hotel where each detail is intended to offer an unrivaled experience. This location is an  invitation to enjoy the serenity in the Córdoba hills as well as to engage with different cultural, culinary, and tourist offers. Find out about the story of Scratch House!

From a Summer Residence to an exclusive Boutique Hotel

The main house of the hotel is a neo-Tudor style facility dating back to the early 20th century. Designed by the Danish architect Morten Ronnow, it was only home to 3 families for more than 100 years. 

From 1918 to 1919, the Ditlevsen family of Danish immigrants—also founders of the Córdoba Golf Club—decided to build this summer residency. After a few years, it became the property of the renowned lawyer Guillermo Rothe. Later, it was held by Manuel Tagle, a remarkable businessman in Córdoba. Since then, it was used with the express purpose of resting by his family.

In 2019, this property underwent restoration and was converted into an exclusive boutique hotel, retaining its essence intact.

In Villa Allende

Scratch House is located in Villa Allende, which is the national capital of golf. This hotel is nestled in a natural environment including groves, trails, and hilly landscapes. It is an ideal place to rest and come into contact with nature since it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city but a few minutes from different culinary, social, and cultural offers.

Besides, this exclusive boutique hotel serves as the hub of golfers, who prefer it thanks to its proximity to the main golf courses in Córdoba. It is located just 2 minutes from El Terrón Golf Club and Córdoba Golf Club, 50 minutes from Ascochinga Country Club, and 1 hour from Potrerillo de Larreta. It is also near other important golf courses such as El Valle del Golf and Pueblo Estancia La Paz.

Then and Now

Each of the corners of Scratch House treasures different family memories, which are intimately linked to the story of Argentina and the figures who stayed in this house. Today, over a century later, this hotel keeps on writing its history along with those who choose it as their weekend getaway location, as the hub of golf, or just as a way of getting disconnected and unwinding.

There is currently not only a main house in Scratch House where most of its original furniture is kept, but also 3 private facilities which are part of this accommodation offer. Its breath-taking original 3-hectare park is also preserved, featuring native trees and other species.

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